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13th Dec 2005

“Year in Review”

Meme thingie – Go to your calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2005. Post the first line/paragraph/whatever of it in your journal, and that’s your “Year in review.” (okay, so I cheated on a couple months, but I really wanted to give a correct view on my year. ahaha)

JANUARY (17): I can feel his hurt. I can’t explain it. They say when a brother/sister is hurting, you can feel it. It’s true.

FEBRUARY (23): But am I ready? I don’t know. I wish I knew the answer myself. Maybe it’s just me being afraid ’cause I don’t know anything and for the first time, life is actually completely, utterly uncertain and I can’t stand knowing that I DON’T know what will happen. [ sigh ]…Do you know what it means to be scared shitless but all the while, you just want to hit the ground running and never stop?

MARCH (19): The two things I was sooooooo afraid of happening have happened. Now what?

APRIL (11): Illinois has been a great experience. However, this all puts me even more at unease. It seems like it will be a great experience-a removal from all that I have ever known and have grown accustomed to. But how can I just straight up leave the only home I have ever known? California is where my heart is.

MAY (01): STATE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, BURLINGAME That was one of the most amazing conferences ever. I mean, it didn’t really feel like State until Saturday morning just because we were all so close and people kept going back and forth (me included). Of course a lot of the members who didn’t place well enough to go to Nationals went back on Saturday night because they didn’t feel like staying any longer.

JUNE (05): Last night was one of the best nights…It was PACKED and of course, everyone said they love our yearbook! (’cause it’s BEAUTIFUL :-D…haha) I love the yearbook this year! :-). And might I say that I love our staff, all the freshmen and of course, EDIT BOARD! We did a kickass job this year and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your dedication. Thanks guys for making my senior yearbook AWESOME. I’m gonna miss every last one of you guys. :-(


AUGUST (11): WOW, that day was awesome / hectic. Here are the people that came: Geoff, Mike, Carl, Denise, Kenny, Emmeline, A.J, Rick, Annie, Marg, CoryO, Kyle, Albert, Clarence, Boyuan.

SEPTEMBER (07): YAY! I finally got my new Canon SD300! =] Yes, that makes me very very happy AND you guys can finally see what my dorm looks like! Later, I’m gonna take pictures of the campus so you can see what it’s like here. heh. Alright, I’ll just leave you with the pictures since I have to go to class now. (yuck).

OCTOBER (08): Woo hoo! This week was the best EVER. almost. ahah.

OKAY, to start out, FOOZER concert was on October 4th! It was so kickass. I want to say off the hook, but that sounds hella lame. haha. Anyway, so I had FLOOR tickets, and not only that but I got there early enough to be RIGHT IN FRONT! Like seriously, For the entire concert, there was either 3, 2, 1, or 0 people in front of me. (Especially during Foo Fighter ’cause the whole crowd was a mosh pit which means you can get shifted into the front!). I can’t even begin to describe the concert ’cause it was so amazing. AND, tickets were only $33!! Woo Hoo! =]

NOVEMBER (01): When I turned in my SIR for Illinois, I never realized that I would be really discovering America for all it’s worth and all that it means. The midwest really is the heartland of America; everything golden and beautiful you’ll find there. At the same time, underneath it all, there are the ghettos that Americans try so hard to forget and hide, there are the rednecks which manifest the Southern region’s desolate towns that makes it such a crime to be anything but caucasian. We forget about the charms that small towns have to offer as we’re in our mad dash to conquer the world with our philosophies and technologies. Everyone living in the large metropolitaian areas are walking as if each minute not working is a minute wasted. We forget that we need to duelve into the heart of America; to take a break and discover all that we’ve lost in the process of industrialization, of technicologicalization.

DECEMBER (04): So this is definitely a REALLY belated Thanksgiving list (alphabetical).

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