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6th Jun 2006

body & soul

What exactly is it that rules our body and soul? The best leaders are those who give us enough freedom, but are strict enough to show us that they really are boss. Are we truly the mob mentality? What is it? We listen to the institution because we are afraid of it. Depending on who you listen to, they give you different perspectives on what to expect, what to let yourself succumb to and the things that one must never give up. I truthfully cannot even remember the philosopher’s from where I am drawing my information from now. But it doesn’t really matter right? Nothing in this world matters anymore except for love. Love above all things. The love that tears us apart. But makes us feel whole and complete inside. What could it be that makes us feel this way–always torn so much between two different things that it makes us want to kick and scream until we can do no such thing anymore….

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