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30th May 2007

an undue hiatus

I really should post more in this, but I don’t end up getting any sort of inspiration for doing so anymore. I think it is because the layout isn’t mine. Hence, I don’t feel like this domain/blog is mine. That would explain why it automatically directs to my photolog right now. And of course, it’s not updated at all anymore either because I don’t even have my camera with me here in SoCal (I know, sad, right?)

I’m not really sure what I want to say about this past year. It’s been really hectic and complicated (I guess, about the latter). But all in all, it’s been pretty awesome. I’ve really learned to love Illinois and I’m really excited to start my second half of college (kinda scary though that it’s already been two years). And this summer has already been really crazy ’cause a lot of my friends are graduating and whatnot, so it’s kinda like their last hurrah before the year is over and they have to move on with their lives.

I guess sometimes I’m concerned about my future. Like there’s the ever-elusive pastry-shop dream. But then again, who knows if that will ever surface. I mean, hopefully, yes. But I don’t even know if I will end up back in the bay or even in LA. It would be my hopes to, but it’s not like they actively recruit at UIUC for jobs back in CA. My grades aren’t exactly up to standards anymore either (sad, but true. oh well, it’s not like I regret the lifestyle I lead this past semester). Truth is, I haven’t had TOO much fun the first three semesters because I was afraid I wouldn’t get into the College of Business. And now, all that has kinda caught up with me. I’m scared of what the future holds, but at the same time, I can’t wait to graduate so I can get closer to my real dream job.

So another question…why am I not sleeping at 4:30am?! haha. Well, I basically couldn’t sleep ’cause I’m soo excited to finally go back to UCLA. Even if I just chill there, it’d be still so much more fun there knowing that my friends and sister are there. And I get to see / lunch with Kim tomorrow, so that should be exciting! :)

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