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26th Oct 2009

Is there somebody who still believes in love?…But I can’t seem to find, Somebody to love.*

These past few weeks have been so crazy and had so many ups and downs. But I don’t think I would take one moment of that back. And the craziest part out of all this is that I think I’ve finally decided that I do want to stay in Chicago for a couple years; that I’m just not ready to move out of Chicago yet. The thought about staying was triggered by something small that someone said. It struck me, the way that they so definitely said I was leaving in June. I paused and just knew it wasn’t time for me to leave yet.

I got to facilitate my first hands-on workshop today; and it was TOUGH. I’ve done mock OneToOne, but never a workshop and while in concept, it is very similar to a OneToOne, it’s so much tougher because you have a group of people-all at different levels of proficiency. But it was so amazing to be teaching-as corny as that sounds.

*Leighton Meester – “Somebody to Love”

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