If Perfect Is What You’re Searching For, Just Stay The Same*

There’s been a lot of stuff lately that has just been really frustrating; especially I’m not exactly sure how much I can control that. One thing I have been working on is controlling my emotions more and not necessarily becoming more vacant, but less wearing my heart on my sleeve type of thing.

I just really can’t believe the nerve of some of the people out there and how much they think things are just entitled to them.

I’m super excited for this weekend though! I finally get to see my fam an a lot of my friends. Thankfully most of them have moved back into the Bay so it makes it a lot easier for going out and such. :) That and going to the Giants game on Saturday! It’ll be Mike’s first Giant game ever with Geoff and Charlie. It also happens to be Italian Heritage Night (Joe DiMaggio bobbleheads ftw!). Haha.

*Bruno Mars – “Just The Way You Are”

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