I’m Just The Same As I Was, Now Don’t You Understand? I’m Never Changing Who I Am*

It’s crazy that’s its already been a full year since I moved back from HK. That was an incredibly stressful time, but I grew a lot from the entire experience. Just even in terms of looking out for myself and doing what is best for ME and knowing I had the guts to go through with my decision.

I started my job in January and that in and of itself has been a little crazy. My first real corporate job (excluding internships) out of college. And above everything else, I get to work with one of my best friends. (when we do end up on the same project / in the same city, which is almost never. haha) :)

Everything has been a little stressful lately, but just taking it all one day at a time. This was the first weekend in a very long time that I’ve been able to have almost completely to myself. I spent all of Friday night coding up my website (it’s pretty much done! All that’s left is cleaning the code up, optimization, and more content. I may eventually code the site back into WordPress, just as a CMS).

Tonight I had my first dance performance in maybe a decade (scary that I can even write that now). So happy that my friends made it out to watch me! I was talking to one of my friends earlier today and I realized that I really haven’t known them all that long. Less than a year. In Joanne’s case, really only around five months. But the thing with me is that if it’s a friendship worth having, I’ll go out of my way to help my friends. My friend said that’s the reason they all warmed up to me and really accepted me into their group–because I was willing to sacrifice for them. And I guess that’s just my personality. Some may find it too intense, but that is the only way I know how to be. Don’t ever change. This is me. (thanks Imagine Dragon lyrics!)

I was able to drive up to skyline after going to Tea Station with my friends (Ma-Cha Ice Cream Green Tea! So yummy!). I’m not sure if it’s the driving while blasting Imagine Dragons / Dash Berlin’s EDC 2012 set or the view of skyline that really lets me unwind. Either way, puts me a little more at ease. Before I got my job, I was driving a lot. It just puts me in this cruising zone where it’s just me and the car.

Seriously though. Walk The Moon (WTM) and Imagine Dragons are my two fav (newly discovered) bands of the year thus far. WTM’s full length CD drops on Tues and Imagine Dragon’s EP is on iTunes right now. I can’t believe they’re touring together. Perfection.

*Imagine Dragons – “It’s Time”

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