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18th Jul 2012

Lost My Train of Thought And Now I’m Told, That Love Will Save Your Soul*

I’m still determined to make July an amazing month! Finally finished my save the dates for my bday last night–even while having to do an unexpected call. But they’re done and beautiful! My first successful solo letterpress project! :)

But back to the call. It really wasn’t so much unexpected since I pretty much had a month’s heads up on it, but it still felt like a slap to the face. And then I almost called someone else out on all their BS. Oops. Maybe a good thing I wasn’t able to say what I wanted to to that person? #sorryimnotsorry.

At the same time, whatever. Like I’ve always said, I’m gonna continue to do me and not let little things get to me and get me down. Just kinda sucked because I realized the two people at the top of my call list were in Hong Kong (thank you Viber!) and Chicago. I can’t wait for the first to move back to CA, but the other is stuck in Chicago. And by stuck, I mean he does love it there (move West!!), haha.

Just trying to stay positive heading into August since it’s traditionally such a roller coaster month. It’s got my favorite day of the year (August 15th!), signifies end of summer and returns to Champaign when I was still at U of I, but it’s also known to be a bit crazy and unexpected. It’s also (for the past two seasons) been the worst month of Giants baseball, which is scary being so close to playoffs! No matter, just gonna take it one day at a time since there’s no use over-analyzing things when I could just be living in the present. :)

Things to look forward to in the next couple of months:
Imagine Dragons&Walk the Moon, Nick Kroll, Of Monsters and Men?, Imagine Dragons (again), Grouplove x2, L.A. Printer’s Fair, Napa (yay for visitors flying in!), Chicago/Champaign/Homecoming

*Grouplove – “Love Will Save Your Soul”

11th Jul 2012

Celebrate We Will, Because Life Is Short But Is Sweet for Certain. We’re Climbing Two by Two to be Sure These Days Continue*

July’s gonna be an excellent month! I’m pretty sad I won’t be able to go down to LA this weekend like I had originally planned to catch the LA premiere for CrankTank Studio‘s “I’m Fine Thanks” documentary (If you’re in LA, definitely check it out! Tickets are on EventBrite!).

I’m still looking forward to Imagine Dragons and Walk The Moon later this month, so I’m really really excited about it. Plus, missing out on two people birthdays this weekend made it pretty hard to say yes to driving down to LA for one day, and then driving back up in time to go to the Giants game on Sun with Matt and his gf! (CAINER is pitching!). It’s seriously fate that Cain’s my player; I always catch him pitching even when I don’t try to!

So that’s all a part of what’s been making this July so awesome. Also went white water rafting and boating early July which is one more thing to check off my list of things to do. Next up is (hopefully) finally skydiving on the 20th! And while we were already up in the Napa region for boating, I went to check out my birthday venue and FINALLY put down the deposit for the place. Which nicely segues into my next topic…invites and my adventures in letterpressing!

I just finished the first portion of letterpress classes at the San Francisco Center for the Book (SFCB) with Leigh of Meadow Press Books. Loved her as a teacher! I would definitely recommend her if you want to learn how to letterpress, although I’m sure the rest of the SFCB instructors are just as good! I liked this class because it was focused a lot more on metal and wood type which is nowhere as easy as using polymer plates. It requires to actually know how to lock up the press beds correctly. And the whole learning type setting is a topic I’m really interested in. Starting the advanced letterpress class tonight! Very excited since it’s a lot of advanced registration (alignment of different colors since each color is printed separately) :)

I just bought paper yesterday for my bday save the dates / partially invites and they’re not that bad (especially since I can buy local, so no shipping charges)! Haha.

This chart shows how much you can get out of a 26×40 parent sheet (parent sheets are the larger sheets of paper that gets cut down to your desired paper size) into the different sizes:
You need to leave room for cropping and the letterpress machine to grip onto the paper, but other than that, it’s a nifty chart to at least get an idea of how much to get out of a parent sheet.

I chose Crane’s Lettra this time around because that’s what I’m familiar with and readily available at Kelly Paper, but I’m excited to try out French Papers for my next project (whatever that may be…holiday cards? haven’t made those in a couple years!)

Did I really just get that excited about paper? YOU BET! :)

*Dave Matthews Band – Two Step

9th Jul 2012

When the Sun Shines on the Bay, Do I Want to be There in my City*

Places, People, & Things I’ll Miss When I Move from the Bay

(All with the assumption, that I’m not moving OUT of state)

  • The Presidio of San Francisco (Fort Point, Chrissy Field, Baker Beach, Marshall Beach)
  • Bridges! The Bay Bridge and GG
  • Berkeley (the food, the sports)
  • Photohunting on Stanford Campus
  • My Albany girls: Irene, Elaine, Tiff, Joanne (kinda…you’ll probably be in LA!)
  • …And the rest of the group: Grace, JWang, Aaron, Shay, John
  • being one cubicle away from Geoff
  • Concerts at The Fillmore
  • San Francisco 49ers (AJ Jenkins!!! #illini :D)
  • San Jose Sharks games at the Tank
  • Seriously, just being in a city where all your favorite sports teams are. I left the Bay the first time around not liking sports as much as when I came back. And there’s NOTHING better than being surrounded by fellow fans. Bulls were the only Chicago team I loved and I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to adjust leaving NorCal, but at least I’ll only be a drive away. :)
  • My awesomely designed room and bathroom
  • Eric Bourman’s ballet classes at Pacific Ballet Academy
  • Living ten minutes away from Chinese food (ugh. LA traffic, I will not like you)
  • Driving on 280 (especially Palo Alto and north)
  • Living with my parents. Love getting to actually spend time with them and talk to them whenever I want
  • Mrs. Chai’s haircuts
  • Adapt Clothing
  • Apple ?

Hmm, did not think that my SF list would be so much short than my Illinois one. Then again, I’ve only lived back here for a little over a year and I’ve already spent six years getting used to not missing CA so much.

I think there a lot less things holding me back this time than when I had to move to Illinois. I was also a lot younger and I’ve already picked myself up and moved from NorCal to Illinois and then to HK already so what’s another move right? I’m just no longer looking for the whole “move-for-two-years” thing. It kinda makes establishing your life hard. And I think it makes other people equally frustrated when you can’t give them a definite answer on if you’re staying, if you’re going, if you’re really going when you keep saying it for over a year. haha. So that rules out moving to NYC. I LOVE NYC, but it’s never going to be a place I can actually see myself settling down in. I’d be 80% more likely to move back to Chicago than to NYC. I used to think I could settle down outside of California, but the longer and longer I’m staying here, I know that’s not true. It’s the culture and the cities that I’ve always loved. Everyone told me I was crazy for choosing to go to Illinois, and I can see why, but I’m still very glad I chose to go to Illinois and I know I’m choosing to stay in California not because it’s the only place I’ve ever really known, but because it is where I want to end up.

*Journey – “Lights”

5th Jul 2012

The Embers Never Fade in Your City by the Lake*

Places, Things, & People I’ve Been Really Missing That I Didn’t Think I’d Miss So Much

  • Driving on LSD (heading south out of the City) — best view of the skyline while driving
  • Which leads me to my next point: spot by Adler Planetarium for the actual best view of the skyline :)
  • The L
  • Chambana
  • Football tailgates and waiting in the freezing cold outside Assembly Hall
  • Big Ten football and basketball
  • Krush Roadtrips (Penn State 2007!)
  • Block Roadtrips, but only if we’re kicking ass (#1 Ohio State, Nov 10, 2007!)
  • Illini Pride Exec (Never have I ever, Apartment Crawls/Sits, barndances, semiformals, barcrawls)
  • Thursday nights at Brother’s
  • Themed Thursdays and Sunday Fundays
  • The Girls of 508 E. Clark St.
  • The Girls of 444 W. Fullerton Pkwy
  • Three In One
  • Quantum Leap
  • Coldplay, Foozer, Yellowcard/Mae, OAR, Lupe, Jack’s
  • Tank and Del Seoul
  • Social 25
  • Lincoln Park
  • Molly’s Cupcakes and Bleeding Heart Bakery
  • MK Chicago, Sunda Chicago, Japonais
  • Millennium Park
  • My Gilly Girls
  • “family” dinners
  • Wrigley and United Center
  • My Chicago Bulls
  • Portillo’s, Lou Malnati’s
  • St. Patrick’s Day and UNOFFICIAL
  • College Gameday
  • St. Louis Season Opener Trips
  • Cly’s and Joe’s
  • One World & Qdoba & Geo’s
  • Being on the 40yd line, the drumline, and all access field passes
  • My basketball photo pass
  • View Camera and 24/7 access to art labs
  • Themed parties from the word of the day boys
  • Barscramble and Campustown Challenge
  • Barndances
  • Carbondale
  • William Tell, Oskee Wow Wow, and Alma Mater

Except I lied. I did know that I’d miss some, if not most, of these things. Haha.

*Smashing Pumpkins – “Tonight, Tonight”

3rd Jul 2012

You Live Your Life Just Once, So Don’t Forget About A Thing Called Love*

I don’t really talk about certain things about my love (or lack of) life, but here’s some things I’ve learned in the past year or so.

Crazy passion and chemistry don’t make up for lack of compatibility and the pain. Don’t get me wrong. When it’s great, it’s REALLY great, but it was a roller coaster. I don’t think I ever really knew where I stood because of the way his personality was and how hard it is for him to really open up to others. There were just so many glaring comparability issues that I had refused to acknowledge. It wasn’t healthy and frankly, I spent more time being emotionally played with than those moments of happiness.

Don’t settle for good, not great. Dated this guy who was really great to me and really nice. But ha! Therein lies the problem. Girls don’t want a guy to just be nice, right? That’s boring and that’s emasculating to the guy. It wasn’t just that though. There’s wasn’t a spark. I wanted to like this guy. He looked great…on paper. In person, it just didn’t click and the spark was missing. I knew there’s was a problem the moment I realized I was much more excited about the places he was taking me to–rather than him.

Don’t date an Abercrombie boy. “Gilly Girls Date Hollister Boys.” UGH. Gilly Girls date real guys. Never again. It wasn’t so much the whole Abercrombie thing, except that he acted exactly like the type of guys you’d think would work at Abercrombie. It’s too bad, ’cause there are a lot of great guys I’ve met through the Company, but are super down to earth. He treated me like shit, was insanely jealous, and then tried to say I was the crazy one. And, though I didn’t know it then, he was controlling. So really, we never saw eye-to-eye in about almost everything, haha. He did teach me more about what I want in a guy. I’ll be honest, I’m a pretty big tomboy and a guy’s girl, so for me, I want a super guy guy, not just some dude that will always bend over backwards for me. (He was neither, but he did act like a girl). That’s not even healthy. Challenge me.

*Above & Beyond – “Thing Called Love feat. Richard Bedford”

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