You Live Your Life Just Once, So Don’t Forget About A Thing Called Love*

I don’t really talk about certain things about my love (or lack of) life, but here’s some things I’ve learned in the past year or so.

Crazy passion and chemistry don’t make up for lack of compatibility and the pain. Don’t get me wrong. When it’s great, it’s REALLY great, but it was a roller coaster. I don’t think I ever really knew where I stood because of the way his personality was and how hard it is for him to really open up to others. There were just so many glaring comparability issues that I had refused to acknowledge. It wasn’t healthy and frankly, I spent more time being emotionally played with than those moments of happiness.

Don’t settle for good, not great. Dated this guy who was really great to me and really nice. But ha! Therein lies the problem. Girls don’t want a guy to just be nice, right? That’s boring and that’s emasculating to the guy. It wasn’t just that though. There’s wasn’t a spark. I wanted to like this guy. He looked great…on paper. In person, it just didn’t click and the spark was missing. I knew there’s was a problem the moment I realized I was much more excited about the places he was taking me to–rather than him.

Don’t date an Abercrombie boy. “Gilly Girls Date Hollister Boys.” UGH. Gilly Girls date real guys. Never again. It wasn’t so much the whole Abercrombie thing, except that he acted exactly like the type of guys you’d think would work at Abercrombie. It’s too bad, ’cause there are a lot of great guys I’ve met through the Company, but are super down to earth. He treated me like shit, was insanely jealous, and then tried to say I was the crazy one. And, though I didn’t know it then, he was controlling. So really, we never saw eye-to-eye in about almost everything, haha. He did teach me more about what I want in a guy. I’ll be honest, I’m a pretty big tomboy and a guy’s girl, so for me, I want a super guy guy, not just some dude that will always bend over backwards for me. (He was neither, but he did act like a girl). That’s not even healthy. Challenge me.

*Above & Beyond – “Thing Called Love feat. Richard Bedford”


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