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5th Mar 2014

And My Life is but a Coin, Pulled From an Empty Pocket; Dropped Into a Slot with Dreams of Sevens Close Behind*

Well I finally did it; I moved to LA!!! I know for many, that will come as a shock since I’ve been talking about wanting to move back to Chicago for a while now. But. This just feels right and it I know that if I don’t do this now, I’ll always think about what it would’ve been like if I had lived in LA even for just a little bit. I may decide that I hate it and that I still want to go back to Chicago, but it’s also nice knowing I can make that decision right now without being tied down by anything–mortgage, guy, family, etc.

For anyone that isn’t familiar with this Avett Brother’s song, here’s the just of it:

Life’s a gamble; one can only try to live it the best one feels one should. One can try to look to the higher powers in a time of need, but at the end of the day, one needs to know that one has lived a fulfilling life. As long as one lives this way, one won’t be afraid to die.

So I did it. LA it is. Well technically Santa Monica, but same thing. It’s funny though–I’ve actually been home in the Bay more than when I was living up here. I blame SF Ballet tickets that I had already purchased before deciding to move, but that sounds like an excuse.

2013 was pretty nuts. 12 festivals. Wow. So I decided to go with a completely different route this year. Instead of spending all that money on tickets and traveling for festivals, I’m going to spend it on dance classes. It’s pretty ambitious, but I’m trying to dance five days a week (three ballet, one modern, one traditional Chinese). One other thing to note is that while the LA Ballet doesn’t even come close to the quality of the SF Ballet, the ballet/dance classes down in LA are SO much more intense than in the Bay. My goal is still getting to pointe, but it will take a lot of work to get there at my age. Also planning on moving the barre my dad made for me down to LA next weekend!

Ballets seen so far (reviews to follow):

  • Giselle (SF Ballet, Maria Kochetkova)
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Ballet West, Salt Lake City, Beckanne Sisk, Christopher Sellars)
  • Program 3: The Kingdom of the Shades (La Bayadère, Act II), Ghosts, and Firebird (SF Ballet, Maria Kochetkova, Yuan Yuan Tan, Vitor Luiz, James Sofranko)

So I guess I’m just gonna do my thing and see where this all takes me. Why not? :)

*The Avett Brothers – “Once And Future Carpenter”


9th Jul 2012

When the Sun Shines on the Bay, Do I Want to be There in my City*

Places, People, & Things I’ll Miss When I Move from the Bay

(All with the assumption, that I’m not moving OUT of state)

  • The Presidio of San Francisco (Fort Point, Chrissy Field, Baker Beach, Marshall Beach)
  • Bridges! The Bay Bridge and GG
  • Berkeley (the food, the sports)
  • Photohunting on Stanford Campus
  • My Albany girls: Irene, Elaine, Tiff, Joanne (kinda…you’ll probably be in LA!)
  • …And the rest of the group: Grace, JWang, Aaron, Shay, John
  • being one cubicle away from Geoff
  • Concerts at The Fillmore
  • San Francisco 49ers (AJ Jenkins!!! #illini :D)
  • San Jose Sharks games at the Tank
  • Seriously, just being in a city where all your favorite sports teams are. I left the Bay the first time around not liking sports as much as when I came back. And there’s NOTHING better than being surrounded by fellow fans. Bulls were the only Chicago team I loved and I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to adjust leaving NorCal, but at least I’ll only be a drive away. :)
  • My awesomely designed room and bathroom
  • Eric Bourman’s ballet classes at Pacific Ballet Academy
  • Living ten minutes away from Chinese food (ugh. LA traffic, I will not like you)
  • Driving on 280 (especially Palo Alto and north)
  • Living with my parents. Love getting to actually spend time with them and talk to them whenever I want
  • Mrs. Chai’s haircuts
  • Adapt Clothing
  • Apple ?

Hmm, did not think that my SF list would be so much short than my Illinois one. Then again, I’ve only lived back here for a little over a year and I’ve already spent six years getting used to not missing CA so much.

I think there a lot less things holding me back this time than when I had to move to Illinois. I was also a lot younger and I’ve already picked myself up and moved from NorCal to Illinois and then to HK already so what’s another move right? I’m just no longer looking for the whole “move-for-two-years” thing. It kinda makes establishing your life hard. And I think it makes other people equally frustrated when you can’t give them a definite answer on if you’re staying, if you’re going, if you’re really going when you keep saying it for over a year. haha. So that rules out moving to NYC. I LOVE NYC, but it’s never going to be a place I can actually see myself settling down in. I’d be 80% more likely to move back to Chicago than to NYC. I used to think I could settle down outside of California, but the longer and longer I’m staying here, I know that’s not true. It’s the culture and the cities that I’ve always loved. Everyone told me I was crazy for choosing to go to Illinois, and I can see why, but I’m still very glad I chose to go to Illinois and I know I’m choosing to stay in California not because it’s the only place I’ve ever really known, but because it is where I want to end up.

*Journey – “Lights”

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